Monday, September 3, 2012

what happens when the time in the airport is greater than the time in the air

airports are an interesting place.
so far:
  • two people are reading catching fire.
  • two iPhone wireless networks have appeared.
  • one e-reader. one iPad. too many iPhones to count. 4 books.
  • one Amoeba Music bag (not counting my own two bags)
  • 3 red suitcases. 2 blue. several silver.
  • three women and one man wearing sunglasses on top of their head. two men wearing sunglasses indoors. one man with sunglasses hanging off of his shirt collar. one man with them hanging off his neck.
  • one (possibly) abandoned copy of entertainment weekly. if abandoned, this will soon be claimed by myself.
  • most people are wearing flip flops.
  • five baseball hats. one newsboy hat.
  • one poster tube.
  • 3 bags of chips.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

i hate buses

I watched Suburbia for the first time. And then I promptly watched it a second time with commentary. And then a third time with alternate commentary. To say I enjoyed it would be a bit of an understatement. I'm in a weird phase of completely idolizing the "punk" idea and trying desperately to not fall into the Taylor Momsen "THIS IS NOT A PHASE THIS IS WHO I REALLY AM" raccoon punk attempt. I'm kind of smitten for mohawks (when pulled off well. there are some bad mohawks out there) and I'm on an endless quest to find the perfect jacket to stud and patch and pin the crap out of. I really love the bright hair and black clothing and studs and spikes but there's the terrible fact that it's essentially been ruined by Hot Topic (burnin burn down burn down hot topic come on sing it with me.) I played the "Punk" genre of SongPop (my newest addiction because Matching With Friends is QUITE THE DISAPPOINTMENT) and there was Ramones and Minor Threat and legitimate actual punk and then there was Yellowcard and Good Charlotte and just Mall Punk.
As much as I love the idea and the look and feel of the Suburbia punk, it's an idea. I'm never going to get TR branded on my arm, chop all my hair off, dye it black and live in a shithole and fight cops and tame wild mutts. I love my reality television and art and technology and consumer goods and the "conformist" lifestyle. I'm a walking contradiction according to some friends, as I adore this punk thing but yet I'll stand in line at the supermarket actively pouring over the bachelorette article in a tabloid while waiting to buy chips.
I'm never going to be a part of "The Rejected". It's never going to happen. But I can try to do whatever I can while staying myself. Dying the ends of my hair, finding a jacket, boots, jeans, black t shirts, you get the deal. It may not be "authentic Suburbia punk" but it's a far bit more authentic than Taylor Momsen or the middle schoolers shopping at Hot Topic. Now I'm going to go listen to some more Fugazi.

Monday, June 11, 2012

punk ass wannabe fashion hipster blogger

So we're doing this again. I'm going to try serious blogging. Woo hoo! Go me! Let's see how long I can keep this up. Start building the betting tables. Personally, I'm saying two posts, but who knows. I might just impress myself over here.

Ten things you should know about me (err Emily.)
  1. My life is mediocre and bland. Come here expecting manic pixie dream girl or sex drugs and rock and roll? Yeah, no. Go find a different blog. I'm sure there's plenty out there. Go on Lookbook and find yourself a few girls wearing Floral print in the middle of a field. It'll take you all of 25 seconds. 15 if you're lucky.
  2. I enjoy trashy and terrible television, especially if said television exists on Bravo. Bachelor, Housewives, Dance Moms, you name it, I watch it.
  3. I HAVE STANDARDS. No Kardashians. No Bachelor Pad. No Jersey Shore. I'm not that bad, relax.
  4. I also enjoy reality competitions. Amazing Race, Top Chef, Top Shot, Idol, Celebrity Apprentice, Cupcake Wars, and the one and only Survivor. I'm one of the Survivor fans that decides on a winner the first episode and continues to predict and decide the entire time.  
  5. I spend an awful lot of my time wishing I was Alison Mosshart.
  6. I try and dress well. Apparently I dress "cool", but I'm not quite sure.
  7. Gold Boots are kind of my favorite possession ever.
  8. I've never been much of a sports girl, yet I've come to really enjoy Hockey (go Bruins!)
  9. Art and Design is kind of my ~*thing.
  10. I cannot wait to get my ass to college.